Gwion Lopez

Great attention to detail

Known for thinking out of the box

Gwion Lopez is a multidisciplinary creator of interior, furniture and the realization of art installations. With a broad artistic background, his creations spans in theater, event organization, VJ-ing/video, Interior design, food-trucks and the installation of art projects.

In the picture you see a collaborative mixed media artwork with SKOUNT

Co-founder of keep it fresh projects

About Gwion Lopez

Specialized in realizing artistic and interior design projects.

As a young boy of 13 years old, Gwion got his first experience in organizing festival in the south of France: Meridiene, Transparence, Tohu Bohu, Rock Time.  

Later, developing his skills in craftmanship, he created with a group of friends the cooperative Aahna,  specialized in the restoration of historical buildings.

In 2008 he moved back to Amsterdam, where he started with The Visual Brothers with his brother Merlijn Lopez. They where initiators in working with VJ-ing and video mapping.

In 2011 he joined the creation of collective Krux. Krux is recently moved and he rebuild it with others as Broedplaats ISO.

At Krux Gwion made various designs and interiors for restaurants, food-trucks and more. He collaborated with artists to materialize their vision fulfill their projects.  And together with Skount he started ‘Keep it fresh projects’.

 ”Witthin all my projects and collaborations I am well known for helping other artists to realize their vision and develop their projects. My vision is that nothing is impossible and creativity has no boundaries, you just need to think out of the box and find the solution.”